Personalised Portfolios
Geared Toward Client Goals
We work closely with you to design and manage a custom portfolio designed around your investment profile and goals. Our open architecture approach and strategic asset allocations, ensure that your portfolio will deliver best potential performance given your risk tolerance.
Open Architecture Approach for
Best-in-Class Investments
An open architecture portfolio management approach simply means that we have the capability of offering both proprietary and external investment products. This guarantees that the customised portfolios we will create for you are made up of investment products that are best suited to meet your financial goals, even if those products are not proprietary.
Unlimited Investment Universe
At ArgoTrade, we do not limit ourselves, or our clients, by providing only strategies and solutions that are created and managed in-house. We search far and wide and put our expertise to work to discern, select and curate the best financial products available. Collectively, this allow us to create highly customised portfolios that are better equipped to satisfy all our client’s financial needs.
Improved Asset Allocation & Diversification
We understand that large investments need a wider range of invested products and assets in order to achieve optimal diversification. Our approach entails that when your portfolio needs a component that is not provided in-house, we source it externally - this ensures that your portfolio is not limited to only the products and assets we provide, but will include the specific investment products needed to obtain best allocation and subsequently potential performance against your personal investment goals.
Higher Quality Financial Solutions
Having a much larger and wider pool of investment products to select from, our final portfolio results in a much higher quality solution that is both finely tailored and objecively more robust; your personalised solution is based on the best funds available, recommended because they are best suited to your needs, even if they are not our own products.

A Portfolio Management Service that
is rooted in excellence
A dedicated personal adviser will be assigned to you to understand your investment profile, current financial position and your unique financial objectives.

Our portfolio management service is delegated to ArgusFX Ltd, a specialised investment firm that is authorised and regulated by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) under CIF licence number 334/17. ArgusFX boasts a 14-year heritage in Asset Management. Together we’ll develop a clear investment plan that maps out a portfolio of investments that will enable us to grow and also protect your wealth. Our methodology is deeply rooted in the mandates of our asset management philosophy and has been our compass for the creation of successful tailor-made portoflio solutions:
Our track record in asset management stems from our strict adherence to an exhaustively proven method of creating and managing our clients’ assets; we believe that every portfolio should be customised to individual client’s needs; we believe that every portfolio should be risk optimised to ensure that initial wealth is preserved and potential performance is protected; we believe in a disciplined approach to asset allocation that uses both Active Management and Tactical Allocation to capitalise on short term deviations from the mean in order to achieve long-term performance.
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Invest with Confidence.
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