Investment Solutions
by Design; not by Default
Investment is not a one size fits all solution. At ArgoTrade, we deliver solutions that can be customized to your specific needs whether it be personalised portfolios, structured funds or strategies on our investment platform that you can invest in at your distinct liking.
Like our clients, no two investment solutions are the same
At ArgoTrade you can rest assured investment solutions are uniquely tailored to you. Though our solutions are customisable, our process of selection is one and the same;
Our Asset Management Team is charged with the great responsibility of performing in depth analysis of every aspect of the strategies and portfolios we allow into our pool of available investment solutions. Strategies are analyses to determine the robustness of the strategies used, the reliability of the managers and the viability of the methodology in long-term expected market conditions.
Once analysed we will only select the creme de la creme of investment solutions to be made avaible to our clients. we do not stop at selection though. Strategies are continually monitored to ensure that there are not changes in the analytics that made them qualified to be part of our investment packages.
Finally, as investing is part art, part science and part craft, no strategy or structured fund is accepted unless our Asset Management Team has determined that the solution is not only robust, but the team must express unanimous conviction based on impartial expertise that the solution is geared for success.
Our Solutions
Structured Products & Funds
Coming soon: Funds structured around macro themes that provide access to investments in major trends/sectors
Investing Strategies
Quality investment strategies, which performance verified by Deloitte, available for direct investment on the Argonaut
Personalised Portfolios
Portforlio management services that deliver finely tailored portfolios on an open architecture model
Invest with
Deloitte verifies monthly returns in accordance with the ISAE 3000. View Deloitte Assurance Report
Globally, investors are looking for minimum income of 10.1% from investing
A 2018 Global Investor Study* that surveyed the investment opinions and views of 22,000 investors worldwide, averaged that investors are looking to achieve a return of minimum 10.1% on their total investments. At ArgoTrade, we will always be transparent about the performance of our strategies and funds so that you have a complete picture and full conviction of our solutions before investing.
A Bactest of 2018 Performance of our Strategies
Total Portfolio Backtest
Period 2017 - 2019
Gross Return 33.93%
Return after performance fees 23.93 %
Professionally Selected & Deloitte Verfied
Invest with Confidence.
Invest with Confidence.
Professionally Selected & Deloitte Verfied
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