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The Argonaut is a professional investment platform, both regulated and verified. All strategies are closely monitored by our Asset Management Department and performance statistics vigorously analysed and verified by Deloitte.
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The Argonaut rests on the foundations of our expertise in Asset Management; it stands on the pillars of diversification and responsible representations to clients of suitable investment opportunities. All strategies on the platform are monitored and reviewed by our Asset Management Team before being entered into the Argonaut and enabled for investment.

Streamlined and uncomplicated, the Argonaut effectively brings together investors, professional traders & fund managers in a secure online community that provides multiple avenues of opportunity for mutual benefit. Find, analyze and invest in just a few easy steps.
Register with ArgoTrade & login to Argo Portal
Register for an Argonaut account from within your client portal
When prompted, complete the risk profiling questionnaire
Once approved, log into the Argonaut platform and get started
Connect your MT4 account to see your trading performance statistics or create an investment account to start investing in inverified strategies!
Easily Find and Invest In Funds
  • Instantly subscribe to funds

  • Allocate funds dynamically

  • Set-up individual risk management

  • Full transparency on fees

Create and Launch your own Argonaut Strategy or Fund
The Argonaut gives professional traders, fund managers and asset management institutions an audience that is ready to invest in their strategies and funds!

Setup and launch your Argonaut strategy or fund directly from within the Argonaut platform then get straight back into your core business and focus. Once reviewed and approved by our Asset Management Team, the strategy or fund is enabled and made available to our community of investors; then, simply reap the revenue you’ll earn from fees allocated to your strategy.
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Deloitte verifies monthly returns in accordance with the ISAE 3000. View Deloitte Assurance Report
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Invest with Confidence.
Professionally Selected & Deloitte Verfied
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