Adhering to the highest regulatory,
ethical and professional standards
At ArgoTrade it is one of our main objectives to ensure that your funds are always safe, under any circumstances. We cooperate only with regulated Investment companies and top tier local and international banks.
Invest with confidence knowing your funds are protected
Absolutely Adhering to Regulation
All our policies and practices are aligned with the requirements of the regulatory authorities in the jurisdrictions we operate in. Stringent auditing is in place to ensure that we are operating at the highest standards.
Safeguarding Client's Funds
Whether depositing or withdrawing, client funds are kept separate from any company accounts. Our payment solutions are certified, and client funds are segregated into client accounts.
Ensuring Client Safety accross all our Systems
All our platforms are secured, an all our payment providers are verified with SSL certification in place so that you know you are protected while investing with ArgoTrade online.
Aligned Interests and Guaranteed Transparency
As a serious financial institution whose interests are entirely aligned with those of our clients, regulation is something we view as one of the main cornerstones of our business. From trust and honesty to credibility and integrity, we guarantee responsible, transparent representations to all our clients.
Download any ArgoTrade legal documents for all details pertaining to the different agreements in place by clicking on the links below.
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Deloitte verifies monthly returns in accordance with the ISAE 3000. View Deloitte Assurance Report
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Invest with Confidence.
Invest with Confidence.
Professionally Selected & Deloitte Verfied
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