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Professionally configured to provide trading conditions preferred by trading professionals, portfolio management companies and fund managers for all their strategy needs.
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Trade Forex & CFDs on a Trasparent & Secure Environment
ArgoTrade provides exceptional execution in professional client-focused trading environments. Choose from a wide range of products, benefit from market-leading pricing, and make the most of trading the most dynamic markets of the world.
Trade Forex Majors, Minors & Exotics with superior conditions and market-leading spreads.
Trade the world’s most popular metals to hedge your trades and diversify you risk.
Trade Stock CFDs - Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon and more - from US, European and Asia/Pacific Exchanges.
Trade Index CFDs S&P500, NasDAQ, DOW JONES and more of the most popular benchmarks of stocks worldwide.
Trade cash and forward commodity instruments like Crude Oil and capitalise on the pulls of supply and demand.
0.0 Spread, Leverage 1:500, Fast Transactions, and Everything Real Traders Need
Direct, Effective and Flexible
Trade directly in the largest markets of the world on world-class ArgoTrade MT4 platform, that has been expertly calibrated to satisfy the needs of any trading strategy to provide sophisticated conditions enjoyed by professionals.
100% Pure STP, no Dealing Desk intervention
Advanced Trading Infrastructure
Superior order execution
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Leverage 1:500
Scalping & Hedging
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Diversified Managed Accounts,
With Proven Performance
Through our manged account service you’ll benefit from the expertise of our weathered professionals; the process is simple and the costs straightforward – authorise licensed Asset Managers with proven track records to manage your funds. Let us know what your financial goals are and then take a backseat while the experts create your unique investment strategy plan and do all the work for you.

the performance results of our strategies are verified by Deloitte, who provides Assurance Reports that you have direct access to.
Personalised Portfolios
Our personal approach aims to get to know your financial objectives and also your risk profile in order to compile a tailored diversified portfolio.
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Access thematic investment portfolios; these are expertly structured funds made up of instruments exposed to trends in global economy.
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Invest directly on our investment platform, or trade the markets with professional conditions on the ArgoTrade MT4 platform.
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The Argonaut gives you access to a community of professonal traders and fund mangers. View the performance of our strategies in real-time and directly invest in your favorite strategies.
Professionally Selected & Deloitte Verfied
Invest with Confidence.
Invest with Confidence.
Professionally Selected & Deloitte Verfied
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